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Price : USD $249
(Including Postage)

World Directory of Ship Suppliers 2018

(Hard Copy & Pen Drive)

The A4 size directory published in TWO volumes is your one stop guide as it covers entire world of ship suppliers as per their line of business covered in TWO major sections of Marine Equipment Suppliers and Ship Chandlers/ Suppliers providing essential contacts in an alphabetical country wise listing to ensure easy searchable details as per the need. The directory has a global reach as it is circulated across 120 countries WORLDWIDE to all major Shipping Lines, Vessel Owners/ Managers/ Operators, Cruise Lines, Port Authorities, Shipyards, Importers & Exporters, Marine Equipment Manufacturers/ Suppliers, Ship Management Companies, Freight Forwarding & Logistics and many more who have been investing on high margin to avail essential contacts to ensure it reaches your target audiences.

  • Volume# 1 covers the entire Marine Equipment Suppliers worldwide
  • Volume# 2 covers the entire Ship Chandlers and Suppliers worldwide
  • Newly introduced feature of YAHOO Messenger and SKYPE to fasten your networking business
  • Easy to carry Pen-Drive gives you an access to valuable information whenever you need the most on business trip

To order your copy today, send us your request on OR and we will contact you shortly Are you a Marine Equipment Supplier or Ship Chandler/Supplier and want to update your company details within the upcoming issue, send us your contact details to:


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