Orion Marine Concepts Launch Their Fleet Management Application

//Orion Marine Concepts Launch Their Fleet Management Application

Orion Marine Concepts Launch Their Fleet Management Application

“Orion Marine Concepts, one of the leading software providers in the industry, has launched their Fleet Management application called as “NAU Fleet Performance”. This application renders as your one stop solution to improve efficiency, lower operational costs and cut emissions.”

The NAU app successfully fills the age old gap of between the shipping industry and Technology with the help of its extremely user friendly user interface which is not only interactive but also helps the user to control the important performance KPIs, such as consumption, speed, charter party compliance, weather and next port information with ETA and more Technical and operational information.

Capt. Mohit Sabharwal, Director, Technical and operations, comments; “The operator receives invaluable information on every operation and activity on the APP based on the acquired measurements, a set of performance parameters which are calculated continuously and available for the fleet to the users to manage their vessels in a more economical and environmentally beneficial way”

The Benefits of the Nau, Fleet Performance app:

Fuel savings
Reduced emissions
A complete operational overview
Decision support
Reliable and clear reports
Operational history
Voyage tracking
Inventory overview
Energy efficiency operating
Calculation of CO2, NOX and SOX
Few features of the NAU, Fleet

Fleet list
Under Performance Alerts
Vessel Movement information
Weather information
Waste management overview
Energy efficiency operating index,
CO2 and other emissions
Agency Information,
Fuel Efficiency and speed
Vessel reported data and AIS data overlay

Source: Hellenic Shipping News.

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