The newbuilding ordering part of the shipping market has slowed down over the past few days, as the Holiday season nears. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Allied Shipbroking noted that “with the holiday mood now taking hold of the market day by day, things have considerably loosened up this past week in terms of new orders. After a couple of weeks where activity was bolstered with a plethora of new orders being placed, the orderbook seems to be now set, more or less, in stone for the year, with many investors already thinking ahead for their future investment planning and looking to their options for 2018. Notwithstanding, even if the number of new orders coming to light was limited at this point, we noticed many options being declared both in the Dry Bulk and Tanker sectors, increasing at the same time the total number of firm orders that have been placed within the year. Seeing this closing of positions in respect to prior order deals, the expectations is for fresh activity to climb even further during the 1Q of 2018. Altogether the newbuilding market is most probably set to be in a sluggish mode during the upcoming weeks, but the positive sentiment in the market can change things around relative fast”, the shipbroker said.


In a separate newbuilding report this week, Clarkson Platou Hellas said that there was “a number of new orders to report this week. BoCom Leasing have extended their series of 82k Kamsarmax at Chengxi to a total of four vessels with delivery of the latest two in early 2020. Remind you that these will be operated by Oceanbulk Maritime. New Times have taken a further long series from their existing client FrontMarine – with a fresh order for eight firm plus four option 65k Ultramax with delivery from 2020. Domestic owner Fujian Guohang Ocean Shipping have ordered three firm plus five option 86,000dwt bulkers at Qingdao Wuchuan with delivery from the second half of 2019. Just one order to report in Japan with Tsuneishi securing a contact for one 64k Ultramax from Ugland Marine. Delivery is understood to be due in late 2019 from the Cebu facility (Philippines). In the tanker market Goldwin Shipping have now finalised an order for two firm plus two option 55,000dwt IMO2 chemical tankers at Chengxi with delivery from end 2019. At Weihai Samjin, Ocean Tankers have extended their series of 12,000dwt IMO2 chemical tankers to a total of six vessels with the addition of two further units. Marnavi are also understood to have ordered two 14k chemical tankers at Wuchang Shipyard delivering from end 2019. A couple of feeder orders to report in the container market. SITC have finalised an order for 2+2 x 2,700 TEU vessels at Yangzijiang for delivery in 2019. Also at YZJ, CMA CGM have booked 3 firm 2,200 TEU container feeders with delivery also from 2019 – these include 3 x 50T cranes and 600 reefer plugs”, Clarkson Platou Hellas concluded.


Meanwhile, in the S&P market this past week, Allied Shipbroking said that “on the dry bulk side, there still seems to be plenty of buying interest around and with the freight market having made an impressive final jump in terms of earnings, it is of no surprise that competition amongst buyers will firm. We have yet to see any significant shifts in terms of pricing yet, though in some size segments and age groups we may well see some improvement materialize in the first couple of weeks of the year. On the tanker side, activity seemed to have scaled back this week, with an overall lack being seen In the crude oil tanker space and with the smaller product markets taking once more center stage. Given the state of the market and the mismatch that has been witnessed between buyers and sellers during the course of this year, it is of no surprise if secondhand activity in the tanker space goes quiet for the remainder of the year and the possibly for the first couple of weeks of 2018”, the shipbroker said.


In a separate note this week, Vessels Value said that in the tanker market, “values have remained stable. VLCC Arion (309,500 DWT, Jan 2001, Samsung) sold for USD 21.0 mil, VV value USD 18.66 mil. Resale Aframax Hull 813 (114,000 DWT, Nov 2018, Hyundai Samho) sold to Niovis Shipping for USD 44.3 mil, VV value USD 44.43 million”. In the dry bulk market, “softening in older Supramax & Handy values. Panamax Poseidon (75,000 DWT, Jan 2002, Hyundai Heavy Ind) sold for USD 9.2 mil, VV value USD 8.94 mil. Supramax Canary K (58,000 DWT, Apr 2012, Shin Kurushima Hashihama) sold to Neptune Lines Shipping for USD 16.75 mil, VV value USD 17.75 million. Handy vessels Clipper Panorama (Aug 2011) & Clipper Selo (Feb 2011) both (32,400 DWT, Jiangmen Nanyang) sold en bloc with SS freshly passed for USD 20.2 mil VV value USD 17.22 mil. Open hatch Handy Global Horizon (33,600 DWT, Dec 2010, Shin Kurushima Ujina) sold to Ocean Longevity for USD 11.8 mil, VV value USD 12.28 million”, VV said. Meanwhile, in the container segment, VV said that “slight firming in older Panamax values. Panamax APL Seoul (4,360 TEU, Feb 2010, Hanjin Subic) sold to SM Line for USD 12.0 mil, VV value USD 10.88 mil. An en bloc deal of three Sub Panamax vessels bought by MPC Container Ships for USD 31.9 mil, VV value USD 33.97 mil included; Cap Blanche (Jul 2006), Vilano (Aug 2006), Cap Pasado (Sep 2006) all (2,723 TEU, Wadan Yards MTW)”, it concluded.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News.