Assessing the income potential of dry bulk vessels will be easier in the future. has been developed by the maritime advisory company Liengaard & Roschmann. The company was established in August 2017 by the two partners Anders Liengaard and Søren Roschmann.

Both have years of experience from international dry bulk companies. ”Many owners and operators already have their own methods for measuring, identifying and comparing ships earnings potential against others. We offer all of this in one service that constitutes a common platform for the industry”, says Søren Roschmann. The idea of a commercial index originates from Anders Liengaard’ time at J. Lauritzen and Pacific Basin. Both companies had commercial pool setups for dry bulk vessels and a common topic for discussion was the vessel’s allocated index relationship.

“The overall idea of a pool setup is that all income ends up in the same pot and subsequently gets divided between the pool partners according to each vessel’s index allocation. So every pool member obviously has an interest in getting as high indexation of their ships as possible to maximize their share of the income. The introduction of will enable pool partners to get their ships evaluated by an independent source, avoiding lengthy discussions with pool managers”, Anders Liengaard explains and adds; “But the index is applicable in many other areas as well and can be used in relation to chartered vessels, index linked deals, benchmarking of ships in commercial management as well as in general performance evaluations.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News.