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The International Exhibition Conference
for Russian Ports and Shipping

As TRANSTEC charts its course for the International maritime community, we’re reminded of the Russian Association of Sea Ports (ASOP) President Mr O. A. Terekov comments regarding the Event’s international B2B significance:

“You will make direct personal contacts to combine our joint efforts and to display the most modern systems, technologies and equipment to meet the future demands for efficient and safe transportation. There are important opportunities to be explored and I look forward to receiving your kind response to our invitation”, said Mr Terekov.

Key topics of the ROSMORPORT FSUE “Strategy for Development of Marine Ports of Russia to 2030” will also richly support the Port Programme, focussing on:

Combining the interests of Ports, Shipping and Shippers
Port Users perspectives on national and global shipping
Development of the Cruise and Ferry Market for the Sea and Inland Waterways of Russia
The Shipping Programme at TRANSTEC promises to provide an excellent platform for debate, supported by the following topics:

Shipping for the development of the RF Inland Waterway Systems
Shipping Logistics to develop the Northern Sea Route as Transit Route and Destination Route
Increased cooperation with foreign partners, manufacturers and service
“ …The key priority is port cooperation, which is understood as cooperation between ports and cooperation of structures inside the port. The cooperation is defined at 3 levels as: cooperation between ports of different Countries, between ports of different regions inside one Country and internal port cooperation. The events to guarantee the cooperation between ports and inside ports are seen as a very special priority. The significant value of such cooperation and information exchange are encouraged by specialised exhibitions, conferences and workshops…”


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